The Making of a Roy Henry Vickers Print

The Making of A Roy Henry Vickers Print

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The Making of A Roy Henry Vickers Print offers us a rare opportunity. Very few artists over the course of history have ever allowed the public into their creative process. This DVD gives us an over-the-shoulder view of how Roy creates his magic. From his inspiration to drawing one of his renowned eagles, putting together the layers of a print and screen printing, Roy’s creative process is full of meaning.

Film Length: 54 minutes

Robert Budd (known to many as Lucky) is the author of Voices Of British Columbia, a book that spent 43 straight weeks on BC’s bestsellers list. He has been hosting a bi-monthly radio show as part of North By Northwest on CBC Radio One since 2010 where he plays stories from BC’s first settlers and First Nations. In 2006, he founded Memories To Memoirs where he transforms personal memories into audio, visual and written memoirs.

Canadian artist ROY HENRY VICKERS is best known around the world for his limited edition prints. He is also a world-renowned printmaker, painter, carver, author, sought-after keynote speaker and designer whose signature style fuses the traditional images of his WestCoast native ancestry with the realism of his British heritage.
His artwork is held in museums and private collections across Canada and the World and is mostly sold through his artist – owned and operated gallery in Tofino, BC. In addition, Roy is a recognized leader in the First Nations community, and a tireless spokesperson for recovery from addictions and abuse.

Price:: $10.00

Edition Date: July 2012

Artist: Roy Henry Vickers & Robert Budd

Medium: Video Download

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