Orca Chief

Orca Chief

Orca Chief is the third book in the bestselling Northwest Coast legends series.  Orca Chief was commended as the Best Book For Teens And Kids by the Canadian Children’s Book Centre (2015), Awarded the 2015 International Moonbeam Children’s Book Award for “Inspiring our children to read, learn, and dream” (2015), is an Honour Book for the Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Canadian National Picture Book Award (2015), Nominee for the Christie Harris Illustrated Children’s Literature Prize (2016), Nominee for the Bill Duthie Bookseller’s Choice Award (2016), and a nominee for the Chocolate Lily Book Award (2016-2017).

Thousands of years ago in the village of Kitkatla, four hunters leave home in the spring to harvest seaweed and sockeye. When they arrive at their fishing grounds, exhaustion makes them lazy and they throw their anchor overboard without care for the damage it might do to marine life or the sea floor.

When Orca Chief discovers what the hunters have done, he sends his most powerful orca warriors to bring the men and their boat to his house. The men beg forgiveness for their ignorance and lack of respect, and Orca Chief compassionately sends them out with his pod to show them how to sustainably harvest the ocean’s resources.

Accompanied by almost exclusively new illustrations by Roy Henry Vickers, this next installment of the Northwest Coast Legends will captivate readers young and old with its vivid imagery and remarkable storytelling.

This photo was taken at the Orca Chief book launch in Vancouver May 9, 2015

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