Memoir Package

Memoir Package & Sample

Standard Memoir Package

The Life and Times of Bob Houston A standard memoir package includes:
  • A preliminary background interview, allowing the client and historian time to get acquainted
  • Interview sessions, digitally recorded with professional audio recording equipment, as many sessions needed to capture your story
  • Full transcriptions of the entire interview sessions
  • Copies of the interview recordings on compact disc, professionally edited into segments for easy navigation
  • A saddle-stitched bound hardcover companion book in full color (up to 150 pages), consisting of interview transcripts, photos, contextual information and other items of historical relevance
Depending on the breadth of your personal history, a typical project can be completed within 8-15 weeks. You will then receive as many copies as you’d like of the companion book and a series of archival-grade compact discs containing your life story told in your own words. Future generations will cherish the opportunity to listen to these recordings while following along in the finely crafted hardcover memoir filled with high quality images and full-colour photographs. A memoir package is based on 2 stages: the recording and the production phases.  Each story is unique, and that is reflected in each memoir.  A final project based on 5 hours of recordings will look very different than one based on 18.  As such, the cost of each memoir is tailored to the individual project.  We work out the cost of the recording phase and then have a consultation about the production phase based on the results of the recordings. We also offer partial services to fit any budget, so please contact us to arrange your free consultation.

Sample Memoir

Fred Hunt grew up in Ontario and moved with his family to Igloolik in what is now Nunavut to teach adult education for the Frontier College of Canada.  It was a life changing move!  In the following anecdote from his memoir, Fred describes leaving Igloolik to teach in Pond Inlet, taking a job that was not a good fit for him.  He accepted an offer to take over operation of the local co-op, but the meat of the story is about the politics involved in finding a home to live in… Open Sample Memoir

Sample Memoir Audio

Here is a recording with a British Woman recorded in Victoria describing her experience when a bomb landed on her house during the Blitz of WWII. *All interviews are recorded with professional yet noninvasive recording gear to sound as good or even better than this.  The key is to get the recording!  Some families chose to keep the recordings, other decide to have these stories turned into memoirs.  
Allow your story to unfold in your own words!